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Video of the Day--Haters Gon Hate

Say what you want about this song, but Taylor Swift got one thing right--haters really are going to hate.  There are some people that are never going to like you; no matter what you do or say, you will never get their respect and you're never going to impress them.  There's a simple reason for this: they're so insecure in who they are that they can't stand to see someone who isn't, someone who knows who they are and what they want out of their life.  It is sad really.  Some people just never grow up.  They're still the playground bully, picking on the smaller kids, the weaker kids.  They get away with it because no one has ever stood up to them.  No one has ever put them in their place.

Romance readers everywhere are told that their reading habits are shameful and dirty.  Phrases like "Mommy porn" are thrown around as if wanting to read something emotionally satisfying is a bad thing that needs to be hidden away from innocent eyes.  Many readers are embarrassed to say they read romance and prefer reading e-books because no one can see the cover of whatever book they're reading when they're on the bus or subway.  As Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan explained in Beyond Heaving Bosoms (2009)readers of romance novels are described as fat, lonely, cat ladies, who wear sweat pants and don't have lives of their own.  However, statistics don't back that assessment up at all.

According to the Nielson Corporation, people who read romance novels are:

  1. 30-54 years old

  2. College Educated

  3. Have an average income of $55,000 per annum

  4. More likely than the general population to be involved in a committed relationship

  5. Likely to read more than 1 book per week (compared to most Americans, who read 5 books per year on average)

It isn't just readers that are maligned.  Authors of the genre are also given crap for writing what many still see as being the red headed step-child of genre fiction.  They're asked when they're going to stop writing romance and publish a "real book."  Of course, those people have never written a book or anything more substantive than a college (or high school) paper.  Instead of being impressed by someone who has, they feel the need to poo-poo all over them.  The thing is--romance novels are a booming business.  In 2013, it was the second highest selling genre, making approximately $1.08 BILLION--almost twice that of literary fiction.  The only genre to make more money that year was the thriller genre, which garnered $1.09 billion.  None of the other genres came close to the billion dollar mark.  So, to anyone who says to stop reading romance, all I have to say is:

Jon Srewart says fuck you.gif

And a little of this:


And, finally:



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